A good massage can do wonders if you suffer from work-related stress, muscle soreness, or even cramps. Muscle stiffness and pain will happen even if you’re an athlete or have spent too much time at your desk. While none of these will go away forever, you can get the relief you need with the Bob and Brad CS Massage Gun. Used by individuals, coaches, and even rehab centers, this massage gun is a much more cost-effective alternative to the Theragun.

It features five attachments for different areas of the body to maximize your relief and relaxation.

 Ball Head: Perfect for large muscle groups.
 Bullet Head: Best for joints, deep tissue, trigger points, palms, and soles.
 Fork head: This is excellent for the neck, spine, and Achilles tendon.
 Flat Head: Great for all body parts.
 Air Cushion Head: Best for relaxation and sensitive muscles.

Bob and Brad’s C2 Massage Gun was developed by physical therapists. With over 5,000 five-star reviews, you can see that this flagship model has helped thousands find day-to-day relief. Bob and Brad’s massage gun prioritizes a much-needed physical therapy approach. This move has allowed them to help others improve their patients and athletes get the recovery they need.

The massage gun features a lightweight, ergonomic, and quiet design. Which makes it the lightest and simplest massage gun (at 1.5lbs) on the market. This allows the powerful motor that gives out high-intensity vibrations to do its work while being gentle on the skin. The motor is innovative in its engineering with 2000-3200 RPMs and up to thirty-five pounds- force, and this is better than others which only give 30-40lbs of force and 1750-3180 RPMs.

With powerful performance, the brushless motor offers stable operation. This helps relieve muscle tension and is easier on your hearing. Its noise reduction design of 55db compared to others on the market can reach 60-70db. It also comes with a TYPE-C Quick Charge port for fast charging, so you don’t have to wait for relief. Imbedded with a Smart Chip, it has a ten-minute timer with auto-off protection. This protects you from overuse and harm. These innovative changes and designs are what separates Bob and Brad’s C2 Massage Gun from the others.

What’s in The Motor?

Features a brushless motor, super-strong blocking torque energy output with no interruption, and a dual shaft structure for better stability in its operation.

Who Can Use This Massage Gun?

Anyone in need of muscle tension or pain relief can benefit from this massage gun.

 Use it at home for relaxation
 The office to relieve work-related stress and tension
 Use it after a hard workout at the gym to speed up recovery
 Use it outdoors after some yardwork or enjoy the day.

Stick it in your purse, backpack, or gym bag for fast relief that’s only a reach away. While brands like Theragun can cost a lot of money and not always provide the comfort you need, Bob and Brad’s C2 Massage gun is affordable and long-lasting. It’s used by professional physical therapists, athletes, and more. No matter who you are, you can reap the benefits of this gun.