Mobile Legends Winners: Complete Guides Fight

Mobile Legends Winners: Complete Guides Fight

Hey there, Mobile Legends winners! Have you ever felt such anger as you did when you tried to keep up with Ruby’s unstoppable dance moves on the battlefield? Don’t worry, we’re about to show you not one, not two, but three heroes who will end Ruby’s dance party. It will no longer happen because of them.

Mobile Legends Winners: You may also know her as the Sky Guardian.

Introduce yourself to Kaja, the hero who has come to ruin Ruby’s party by being too good to refuse. His Divine Judgment skill is a game-changer that changes everything about how to beat Ruby. For a moment, picture taking her off the dance floor and leaving her helpless during those important moments. This not only stops her attacks, but it also gives your team an edge in the fight.

Mobile Legends Winners: Phoveus, who is also called the Shadow Bringer

Phoveus comes out of the shadows to stop Ruby’s amazing show. Ruby can’t say anything because of his Abyssal Mark ability, which stops her from letting go of those annoying crowd controls. This is the most important thing about the situation. “Be good!” and “Don’t run, Wolf King!” will no longer make you feel slow or “incredible.” Now you know what we mean when we say “game-changer”!

Valir, who is also called the Flame Wizard

Valir has arrived, and he’s ready to make Ruby’s very cold way of dancing warmer. This hero is a very tough opponent for Ruby because of his excellent range and control. His skill to cast spells from a distance lets him poke fun at Ruby without getting caught up in the complicated dance moves she does. Valir can hold Ruby some distance away and stop her beat by using Burst Fireball and Searing Torrent together.

Mobile Legends Winners: What Kind of Heroes Are These?

The power of these heroes to keep Ruby away comes from the fact that each one brings something different to the table.

  • Kaja’s Crowd Control: Taking Ruby out of the action can make a big difference in team fights, giving your team a big edge over the other team.
  • Phoveus’s Silence: Phoveus makes sure that Ruby can’t use her crowd control moves because he can shut her up. This makes things more likely for your team to win.
  • The range and control of Valir: Since Valir can cast spells from afar, he can bother Ruby without getting caught in her complicated dance moves.

Last Thoughts

If you ever have to play against Ruby in Mobile Legends, you might want to pick one of these characters to counter her dance moves. To turn the situation around for the better, remember that a well-timed pause or quiet can be very helpful. Wishing you the best of luck with your games, and may your wins be as satisfying as Little Red Riding Hood’s dance floor revenge! Stand up for Holyslots88 and show Ruby who’s in charge!